The mission of Ho-Chunk Trading Group is to help provide economic opportunity for the Winnebago Tribe. But we are also dedicated to helping other Native people get a hand up to build a better future.

We are proud to offer a Native Scholarship Program for eligible Native college students who are enrolled members of Indian Tribes on reservations in our sales area. Scholarships are available on reservations where reservation retail outlets market Silver Cloud cigarettes and KOHU e-cigarettes and vaping products. Every Silver Cloud or KOHU sale goes to fund the scholarship program.

Up to three $1,000 scholarships will be awarded each year to successful applicants to help them finance their education in a 4-year college, 2-year community or technical college. As product sales grow, we anticipate that the scholarship fund will grow and offer even more opportunity to deserving Native students.

Eligible reservations with enrolled Tribal member students: Omaha Tribe, Iowa Tribe, Winnebago Tribe, Prairie Band Potawatomi (PBP), Santi Sioux and Prairie Island.

Native Students

To apply for the Scholarship Program, please click this link to download the application form and criteria. We look forward to receiving your application. All information for the current year’s scholarship must be received by June 5, 2019.


Nation to nation transactions do not automatically exempt entities, including Indian Nations or businesses operating in Indian Country, from their reporting obligations or paying state cigarette excise taxes. Unless expressly exempted by law, state and local cigarette taxes apply. Customers should consult a knowledgeable attorney about their tax and reporting obligations.